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Glastonbury Survival Guide

Tips to help you survive Glastonbury this year

New Tip! Homemade tent alarm, if you're worried about people breaking into your tent at night - click here

#1. Take hiking boots and wellies,
why? Because if it's a complete washout then walking boots won't help as the watery mud will come in over the top. If it's just sporadic downpours with hot spells then wellies are useless, as when the mud starts to dry you'll end up loosing your wellies in the incredibly sticky mud!
If you're travelling by car you can always leave your wellies
in the boot. Lets hope you won't be needing them!

check these out:
gaiters pic
Gelert Crag RS Gaiters (Navy)

#2. If you only have a cheap sleeping bag take an extra blanket or buy one while you're there from one of the stores (usually cheap £3-£5). Even better, take a bed roll
to put underneath, this is where most of the heat is lost in the night, even laying down newspaper will help. Ideally you want a thin foam bed roll underneath and a blanket on top.

#3. Always empty your rucksack out into your tent
and spread stuff around as soon as you get there. If someone tries to steal your stuff, don't make it easy for them by having it all neatly packed in your rucksack to be carried off.

#4. Only pack a very small amount of toilet roll with you, say just enough for 2 visits, as free recycled toilet paper is being handed out at the info points.

#5. Get yourself some 'pee bags' There's nothing worse after a skinfull, than waking up at 4.30-5am and having to get out of the nice warm environment of your tent, especially if it's raining, and trudge off to a toilet. You can buy them hereTravel John - Disposable Urinal - Pack of 6

#6. Don't keep all your money in one place
i.e. your wallet, if you loose this you've lost everthing.

#7. Take an old mobile phone and a spare battery,

queues for battery recharging are usually long. Or buy a
Portable Emergency Travel Charger for Mobile Phone/MP3 Player - AA Battery Power - Green

#8. Always remember to take your torch with you when you go out for your evening session. Even better take a small one and carry it with you all day. Even better still buy a wind-up torch, no need for batteries that create extra weight. Or, if you want to look like something from an episode of Dr Who, try one of these babies!

19 led torch

Carp/Pike/Eel Fishing Tackle 19 LED Torch Headlight

micro torch
Yellowstone Led Micro Headlight

#9. As well as your main rucksack take a smaller
lightweight one to carry bits around with you during the day i.e. your torch, small water bottle, wet weather gear etc.

#10. Apply your sun cream as soon as you get up and carry it in your backpack. You'll probably end up exposed to the sun for most of the day. Don't think 'oh, I'll put it on later when the sun gets hotter', even on a bright cloudy day, all day exposure will leave you burnt, that will mean a painful night's sleep. And nobody wants to trudge back to their tent to get their sunscreen in the middle of the day when all the bands are on.

#11. Camp on high ground Tent Flooding can be a nightmare and as it always seems to rain over the Glastonbury weekend make sure you camp on high ground, avoid any dips or ditches where it is obvious that water will settle in a heavy downpour or flash flood.

#12. If travelling by car take a spare set of clothes to change into if everything else gets soaked. If you're going by foot or coach and you have room, take them and put them in one of the lockups until you desperately need them. A spare set of comfortable trainers left in the car also makes for a safer journey home.

#13. Pitching your tent Make sure that you temporarily peg
your tent down before doing anything else, I've seen far too many people chasing their tent because they erect the tent with frame poles first, it gets incredibly windy in the camping areas so pegs first then poles, you can always reposition later.

#14. Cleaning your teeth Seen far too many long, pointless queues at festivals over the years, fifty or sixty deep waiting to clean their teeth. Take a small swig of water, stick a blob of toothepaste in your mouth, stick your toothbrush in and brush away. You can do this next to your tent into a container if your worried about toothpaste polution.

#15. Leaving the site in heavy mud When driving away from the site at the end of the festival the mud can be a massive problem with lots of cars getting stuck in the mud.
One thing I've noticed on the way out at previous years' festivals are hundeds of abandoned wellies, so grab a couple and stick them under your back/front tyres depending on front or rear wheel drive. Also remember to put your car into 2nd or 3rd gear not, as lots of drivers tend to do, in 1st,
this just creates wheelspin and get's you nowhere fast.

#16. When you first set up camp, ask the name of the field you're in. That way when you're off your face and it's 4 in the morning, some good samaritan can point you in the right direction.

#17. Take sealable sandwich bags to keep stuff dry in your tent (and out and about) like skins and matches etc.

#18. Get yourself a tripod seat. If it's muddy you'll be glad you have somewhere to sit.

#19. Take warm clothing. Even if it's nice and sunny during the day, it can get very cold at night.

#20. When asleep in your tent, put your wallet and any other valuables in the bottom of your sleeping bag. We have had friends robbed while they were asleep. Don't panic though, it's a lot safer than it used to be.

If you're worried about people breaking into your tent while you're asleep, create a homemade alarm system. Simply attach a piece of string (12 inches or more) to a clip (keyring type clip) then attach loads of empty beer cans to the string, maybe drop a few tent pegs into a couple of the cans then once your into you tent for the night clip your DIY alarm system to the zipper of your tent flap and there you go!

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