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Here's your Glastonbury checklist to help make your festival a happy one

Download printable. pdf


* Ticket
* Wallet
* Rucksack/Main plus smaller Day Bag
* Tent
* Hiking boots or other tough waterproof boots

* Clothes

You always seem to take more than you need so we suggest:

1 t-shirt per day (men will definately use less)
1 jumper/sweatshirt,
1 longsleeve top or thicker shirt, tracksuit bottoms for cold nights, if you don't have a good sleeping bag - Helly Hansen Lifa Dry Stripe Crew thermal longsleeve tops are excellent, slightly expensive but worth every penny,
2 pairs of trousers e.g. combats or lightweights
2-3 pairs thick hiking socks
underwear 1 pair per day
waterproof jacket or poncho (essential)
1 pair of wellies (if you travel by car keep them in the boot
until you need them) if not drill/cut small holes in the top and tie them onto your rucksack
(wellies are good if its watery mud but no good for sticky mud)

• Sunglasses
Wind up/solar power torch and phone charger
• Towel (can double as blanket/rolled up pillow)
• Loo roll (available on site)
• Money for food etc. (you can secure money at the campsite lockups)
• Bin bags (given out on entry - if not ask)
• Medicines you take regularly (including the Pill)
• Suncream (available at Info Points)
• Feminine hygiene products if appropriate
• Glasses/contacts if appropriate
• Toothbrush
• Condoms

* Sleeping bag
If you have a good high tog sleeping bag fine, if not
take a blanket (available at stores onsite £3-£5)
most importantly get a roll-up mattress or use a newspaper
to put under your sleeping bag for insulation
this is where you loose most of the heat in the night
and you'll really feel it with a poor quality sleeping bag.
Of course if you're not planning on sleeping much at night
ignore all of the above!


• Camera, mobile phone, cigarettes etc.
Phone Charger/s
• Spare batteries (available on site)
• First aid kit (aspirin, diarrhoea tablets, antihistamines,
antiseptic cream, plasters etc. most will be available on site but best take your own)
• Notepad and pen
Sandals for around campsite
• Small radio (Radio Avalon is on 87.7 FM)
• Alarm clock (if not using radio or phone)
• Wet wipes
Hand Sanitiser Gel
• Blanket
Camping Chair
• Camp bed
Portable water bottle
• Masking or gaffer tape
• Lighter
• Spare tent pegs/guy ropes
Camping Lantern
• Beer/wine coolbox
• Hairbrush
• Chewing gum
• Sun cream wipes (available at Mothercare/Boots/Superdrug)
Travel John Disposable Urinal
Shewee Extreme
• Snacks such as Pringles (won't get crushed in tube)
• Pillow (buy cheap ones still compressed in the packaging)
• Pouches of soft drink or sports drink (to rehydrate)


• Deodorant wipes
Trolley to shift gear from car to site (Wheels need to be heavy duty)
Double flock airbed/comfy duvet
Glow Sticks
• Waterpistols
• Large water bottle or camping water container
• Cosmetics
• Wet weather activities (e.g. playing cards)
Portable Shower
The Kitchen Sink
Unisex Onesies (optional)



If you have kids, take plenty to keep them occupied
games etc.

not allowed on site

Glass containers of any kind
Wax flares
(people take them but stewards will make you take them down)

These, and any other items deemed to be dangerous, will be confiscated at the gate.

Remember you can buy almost everything you need from one of the many camping supplies stores on site and clothes, food etc. from the stalls.

If you lose everything including your wallet, Wagonshed Welfare will keep you safe and warm.

Practice walking with your rucksack as it can be a bit of a trek from car/coach parks to the site

*Please note this year there is added security checks so travel as light as possible as there will be long queues


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